Monday, September 21, 2009

Short on Motivation

The basis of self discipline; Don't allow the edges to blur. Michael Johnson

I am not motivated right now. Seems it went out the window - flew like a bird. I am finding it hard to motivated to give up something that I have used for the past 40 years. I am addicted and this has got to be worst addiction to give up - even it will improve my health.

A week and half ago I passed out at home. Doctors do not have any explanation for my blood pressure to bottom out. However, the incident resulted in my having a calcium score test on my heart. Two arteries have begun to build up with plaque. It isn't real bad right now but without making some life style changes it could eventually cause a heart attack. I am feeling fine like nothing ever happened.

I am scared to give my friend up. Don't know what I'll do with my hands. What will I do now when I need a break from my desk? When I am watching TV - what will I do to keep from smoking?

OK - here it is. Changes to my lifestyle include:
1. Walking - Buddy walks with me for a half mile and then I go back out and walk a mile.
2. Eating - appetite will improve - just hope I don't go ballooning up here.
3. Something to do with my hands
I can paint (I do watercolor and haven't painted in more than a year.)
If I could see better I might take up needlepoint again. Haven't done that in years. Got to
look into getting some magnifier glasses.

I'll think of some others things to do with my hands and post.

My mood has been down over the past few days - BUT I am up again today. Thank you Lord. This will be something to conquer - my moods. When I am feeling down I smoke more. This weekend I smoked 3-1/2 packs in 2 days. Not normal for me.

Anyone out there think of what to do with my hands.

Anyhow I have one more week till my set date. ONE step at a time.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Quote of The Day
A bad habit never disappears miraculously: it's an undo-it-yourself project.
Abigail Van Buren

OK - How appropriate this quote for today. This applies to my smoking habit and lack of excercise. My eating habits really aren't such a big issue for me. I have diverticulitis and that encourages me to watch the foods that I eat anyway so that I don't end up in the hospital with a severe case of sickness and pain.

So Ms Abby tells me I have to undo these bad habits. I am kinda excited about these changes for now - that is likely to change. has a guide to quiting smoking. The first part is: START

S = Set a quit date. Mine is the 27th of Sept. My birthday is Mon the 28th.
T = Tell family, friends, and coworkers that you plan to quit.
A - Anticipate and plan the the challenges you'll face while quitting.
R = Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car and workplace.
T = Talk to your doctor about getting help to quit. - I will not take RX drugs for this. I will however use gum and/or the patch.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting Started

I started this blog sometime ago and made a couple of post but I deleted them. I was feeling embarrassed that I had started this blog and then I gave up.

I am all about wanting to do things to improve my health but doing them is another story.

I am making another attempt at trying to get healthier. I am making baby steps to make some changes.

I started walking again last week on Aug 24 and have walked 4 days last week and so far 3 days this week.

My birthday is near the end of the month and my birthday wish is that I give up smoking. I need to live a few extra years and save some money to boot.

OK - Two commitments for today.

1. I commit to stop smoking by the 28th of Sept.
To do this I will keep a positive attitude.
I commit to reduce the number of smokes each day.
I will pick something different to do during those times when I would otherwise be smoking.

2. I commit to walk for 30 plus minutes 5 days a week.

This is hopefully the beginning of a healthier me.