Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting Started

I started this blog sometime ago and made a couple of post but I deleted them. I was feeling embarrassed that I had started this blog and then I gave up.

I am all about wanting to do things to improve my health but doing them is another story.

I am making another attempt at trying to get healthier. I am making baby steps to make some changes.

I started walking again last week on Aug 24 and have walked 4 days last week and so far 3 days this week.

My birthday is near the end of the month and my birthday wish is that I give up smoking. I need to live a few extra years and save some money to boot.

OK - Two commitments for today.

1. I commit to stop smoking by the 28th of Sept.
To do this I will keep a positive attitude.
I commit to reduce the number of smokes each day.
I will pick something different to do during those times when I would otherwise be smoking.

2. I commit to walk for 30 plus minutes 5 days a week.

This is hopefully the beginning of a healthier me.

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