Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm on my Way

OK. My goal at the end of last week was to prepare for stopping smoking. I have tried so many times and have had some degree of success. Quit once for 2 yrs and stupidly started back. As I am contemplating and preparing my mind for what I am about to accomplish I remind myself that I need to do something positive for myself in place of the cigarettes. I spotted a book/magazine from Prevention titled Walk Off Weight. While I can stand to lose some weight - losing weight is not my goal here. However being good to myself is important as I throw all of my efforts into leaving off something bad for me. Ok so this book will be encouraging - has lots of tips for getting healthy and exercise guides.

I purchased nicotine patch and nicotine gum and hard candy. I planned on putting on the patch on Sat while permitting myself to continue to smoke. What I noticed pretty quick was that I didn't even have craving. So I ended up cutting back on the amount I was smoking. Yeah.

This morning was to be the bid day of total abstinance. I realized yesterday that I had purchased the wrong patches. I bought for step 3. I need step one first. So I am wearing the patch and am giving myself permission to smoke only 4 or 5 today. I'll be getting the patch for step one.

While my focus is on stopping smoking and making sure I am successful my mind is thinking about making myself a healthier person and replacing the bad habit with some good ones.

I am shooting for a successful day!


Sunny Day said...

My money's on you. I know you can do it. I started a blog yesterday on living with diabetes. I have a list set up for blogs that are focused on diabetes and will add another list today for blogs that deal with health. I am adding your blog to that. If you know of other blogs that fit either of these categories, would you let me know? I want to add them. I think that reading about the struggles and successes of others can help us.

lemonverbenalady said...

Take one day at a time, Becca! You are the only one that has control! So just take small steps and before you know you will be successful.